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Death be not proud

Inspired by John Donne’s Sonnet 10 “Death be not proud”


Death be not proud

for all men must die

making you not a solitary throne

but a common destination.

Unwelcome you are, in every house you visit

Death, have you no home?

friendless you always are,

sitting on the greatest curse.

Hearts brought together under the stars and moon

strengthened by the sun and earth

are separated only at your call

Have you no heart, mighty death?

Have you never lived and loved?

For those who do, live forever

and death then dies an utter death

at the hands of love and mercy.

Everyone goes through you, fearful king

Oh! Death be not proud

you are only a part of life .


Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)



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resplendent pic

Grant me thy light O lord!

Give me thy flame

Let not the wind blow away

this candle of thy name.

Bless me with thy fire

and the strength to overcome all strife

Greet me not in death O lord!

greet me in life.

Promise my heart faith O father!

may it forget about all fear

let the belief triumph in the end O lord!

that thou art always so near.

Thou singest with the birds

and movest with the tree

liveth thou in all

but blesseth only the free.

Make me strong like the first ray of the sun

for I am the boat challenging the sea

I seek thy courage, O father mine

I know thou art in me.


Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)



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Writer’s block 

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today 

It seems as if 

my words are all on a holiday

they have left me here and gone

somewhere far away.

 Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today

It seems as if 

my muse has nothing more to say

has abandoned me but surely will

return to me someday.  

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today 

It seems as if 

my inspiration has slowly turned grey 

and to find my rhymes back 

I will have to start to pray .

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today .



                                             Arijit Roy      

              ( Poem and photograph) 

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Someone asked me 

why I never completed

the poem about her.

I smiled and said 

” I never ended that poem

for that was the greatest way

to complete it”. 

                                           Arijit Roy

                           ( Poem and photograph

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Love is the sun of my sky

but a cloud comes between us.

Oh ! Dear cloud

Float away, float along .

Come not between us

play with the wind, Go! Drift away

for I do not want your shade.

I want to feel the strong rays of love

even if, they burn my skin.

For I desire more heat, more love.
Arijit Roy

( Poem and photograph)

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On Nothing

To do nothing is a grave sin

to be nothing, a damnation.

Nothing has always been our punching bag

our very own black sheep.

But tell me, tell me honestly

can nothing ever be wounded?

can nothing ever be destroyed?

No! Nothing can hurt nothing

Why then all this hate, for nothing

We are nothing and we will go to nothing

Why then, loath to be nothing.

Nothing is everything

and everything is nothing.

Nothing is not the blank page

that stares at our face,

nothing is the inability to write

because there is too much to say.

Arijit Roy


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Settle Softly

Like a butterfly, sitting slowly

carefully upon a green leaf

love came and sat

upon my tender heart. 

Bewildered with joy and amazement 

I jumped and sang to the clouds 

like a child unable to contain

the music within. 

Arijit Roy

( Poem and photograph)

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Dance of the wings


Above this giant lake

with its shimmering waves

you fly as if you have nothing to lose.


You fly fast, you turn swift

as if the sky is where you were born.

No more death for you, my friend

for somewhere near the shore

you have dropped your fear of falling

and now in every flap of your wing

you are born again,

infinite like your sky.


Oh! my little friend

how simply you fly

without a thought

without a cry

as if all this sky were your playground.

Be the wind gentle , be the wind harsh

you always make a brother of him

and fly

fly as if this were some deep meditation.

The spark in your flight

ignites the nomad in me

who is always on the look

for a journey without an end.


You fly, you turn, you twist, you swerve

Oh! You fly again

as if testing the very limits of your freedom.


I listen, as you say

that if anywhere peace resides

you have found it in your sky.

You soar, you rise

as if every step forward

is a revelation of a higher truth

as if there in the arms of the sky

you find yourself again

as if by being there, by only being there

you feel one with god.


Oh! my little friend

If I were just a little bit like you

how eternal I would be

If I had the courage

to throw myself to the sky

without a thought or cry

how eternal I would be

and if I had the strength

to let my heart fly

and realize itself at every end

like your twists and turns

how eternal I would be


But here, now

sitting in front of a beautiful view

watching you fly by

seeing the sunkissed waves

seeing the mountain capes

feeling the wind

and the soft murmur of leaves

I know that I am

and by being here by only being here

I too am a part of your flight.

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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It is always so hard to open up

it is always so hard to cry

yet the heart which is firm like a brick

melts like colours in a sunset sky.

The truth we see as a monster

the truth we curse and harp 

is small and beautiful like a butterfly

that, which eludes our grasp.

Somewhere from behind the clouds I know

you watch me and you smile

somewhere inside the heart I know

you are there all the while.

So I sing to your blue sky

and write about the love which always grew

for somewhere I also know 

that my words will reach you.


Arijit Roy

(Poems and photograph)


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O sweet one!

What is it that you ask

Why day and night you hide behind a mask

Why hug the sorrow, why forget the joy

Why abandon your spirit like a broken toy.

The truth you search for

grows in your heart

as every season plays a part.

In darkness you die, in light you are born

like a rose, blooming around many a thorn.

Life and its joys overlooking death

rose and its beauty within a shadowy breath .

The red flower which loves

is also the red which inspires

a will to overcome sadness

Come fate! Come fire!

But its beauty withers away

and thorns which go on to stay

do say in many a way

that in sorrow too lies beauty

and in beauty too lies sorrow

life and death move hand in hand

between yesterday and tomorrow.

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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The mornings are a bit colder now

as a slight chill greets us everyday.

Whatever remains of our oneness with nature

the instinct of it, never fails us to tell

that the direction of winds have changed.

Summer mornings are brighter, warmer

but this is a dryer, whiter hue.

A sense of truth prevails in the air

as it announces someone’s arrival

someone whom we know very dearly

someone who would soon come and bless us 

and when she leaves, would take with her this season

letting the winter wave its wand.

The sun is truly golden now

shining just like a king

its rays are strong

but somewhere they have the touch 

of a tender warmness 

just enough, to keep the fire glowing.


A strange stillness rests in the air

as empty playgrounds and lonely terraces; the treasures of this season

sing this secret hymn, joyfully

under a blue sky and many a white clouds.


A peaceful silence with an ardent restlessness is the beauty of this season.

So still yet so alive.

 I feel the very conflict of my being

ushered in by the breeze

which carries with it the sweet faint smell of Shiuli

which touches some deep cord of my heart.

I stand  and think and philosophise

 “Oh! What is it that is happening to me?”

 It is as if my soul has found some deeper level of peace

and yet at some other deeper level it is searching for an unknown truth.

A struggle rests in the air

glorious,  golden just like the sun,

 for there is something that pulls me here

 in empty places in golden afternoons

 so peaceful and wise

What is this poem that my soul yearns to write?

Between summer and autumn

 between peace and doubt

here, this season is when I’m truly alive

 afraid yet fearless, scattered yet contained,

glorious yet imperfect, imperfect thus glorious

 both in spirit and in heart.

here, this season, this time of the year, always.

It does not have a name, this season

 neither does my soul.

 It may not even be a season

 but this is surely an emotion

 closer to my heart and closest to my being.

 What is the full meaning, I do not know

 but know , that it changes and with time.

The days are becoming shorter now

and the evenings are different yet familiar.

 Familiar in spirit but different in voice.

A new season ushers in and brings with it a new spirit.

The old heart keeps on beating, fervently.

Arijit Roy

( Poem and Photograph)






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O love!  Thou wicked conjurer

thou hast trickest me again

thou has made my heart burn

by me very hands, in thy illusion.


O cursed be thy soul

for thou makest me revel in dreams , not my own

and makest me

flow like a leaf in the air , tossing me

whichever way thou chooses.


O love!  Thou art a villain.

Thou villainous dog

tell me , tell me honestly

Did I ever, ever foul thee?

Hoh! Henceforth I refuse to sing thy praises

and to let my soul dance

to the cadence of thy songs,

for thou art a thief,

thou hast robst me in daylight  O lord!

thou hast robst me of my joy

and left me alone in this barren land

sans water, hope , everything.


It is not grief that causeth the trouble

but it is the hope of thy arrival

for I wait and hope and hope and wait

but forget, that thou art treacherous.


Promise me O love!  Promise me thou cruel deity

that one day thou willst bless me

bless me with all the joy in my share

bless me by this earth, by this light

Oh! bless me for heaven’s sake


Why?  Why O love!

I came to thee with a golden heart

and thou spat on it, relentlessly.

Thou has come to those unworthy of thee

thou has blest those, unaware of thy shine

yet thou always refused to shake me hand

tell me O love!  Answer me!

Am I such a damned soul?


O love!  Thou art a pest

Thou has spread thy roots deep in my heart

and I know,  anon

I will again dance to thy tunes

and sing thy praises like a minstrel

for I am a man; limited

but thou art infinite.

O love!  Come!  Come!

set me free,  let me taste the stars

O love!  Teach me thy eternal poem

remind me that it is not betrayal or pain

or suffering or wounds that is thy call

these, the notions of the vain;  I care not for

for I know,  it is only thou

who gives the courage to fight all fear

and the strength to overcome all sadness.


Come then O love, sweet love

Come, Come in all thy form

O merciful!  I beg you

Come in all thy regal splendour

and show all,  thy true heart

else may there be a plague

on thy house .


Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)








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This is my delight

Inspired from Gitanjali

Poem – Aamar ei poth chava tai aanondo

this is my delight pic.jpg


This is my delight, thus to wait

and to wail at the moon,

remembering thy face.

Gentle breeze blows slowly

spreading the perfume of thy smile.

Stars, near or far

twinkle with all their might

yet they lack the luster

born in thine eyes.

Together, we sit in the arms of the dusk

like long lost friends

taking joy at the hope of thy arrival.


In the meanwhile, I smile and sing

with them yet all alone

In the meanwhile

the moon hides behind a cloud.



Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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Keep Reading!!

keep writing pic.jpg

Your eyes are like a sonnet

they may shrink as you laugh

but their light it never dims .


Your nose, just like a novel

long indeed but interesting.


Your chin like a short story

a thousand  words, a thousand  praises

yet precise.


Your teeth, like free verse

irregular in metre

but powerful in shine .

And your lips, just like a play

like dialogues they stay together till the end

yet are never divided by any act.

Together, they help in writing

the finest literature in the world

your smile,

most fulfilling, most soulful.


Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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At the tip


It has rained heavily

and everything through the window seems clean .

Trees , plants ,shrubs

all are rich again , back in the colour of youth.


A little raindrop somewhere

is dangling at the end of a shoot ,

determined to let go of the plant

yet not ready to embrace the soil .


It reminds me of me

for I too ,

am dangling at the end of a shoot

determined to fall in love

yet not ready to face the fears .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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Add life to your days





Every night I strive for life

more and more life

whatever it takes

I just , just don’t want to sleep

for sleep , it is just like death

sweet , soothing yes

but once it sets in

you can’t remember a word

as all becomes  nothing

but life aah !  it is so opposite

tough , turbulent yes

but once it sets in

you remember that you are and  alive

as nothing becomes everything .


It astonishes me how

I am fully alive

in the dead hours of the night

as I become me

and you become you

only in the end of the journey ,  why ?

Perhaps it is so , for we know

that there is no more time to waste

that death and sleep are fast catching up

that whatever it is  that we are ,

we are and now .


For life was always poor in maths ,

it only knows addition .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)


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Away is also a way.

How can you ever be free?

If you do not give yourself,

the permission to walk away

from whatever it is , that enslaves your spirit

chains your being .

Not running away but moving away

knowing that all battles cannot be fought

and the best battle is the one which is avoided.

Choosing to speak your mind

and not conform .

Trusting what your energies say

for sometimes , moving away

is the wisest possible way .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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She will wait

                               but never leave

she will hate

                                       yet hold your hands

she might be furious

                                       but will keep you close

she might be curious

                        but she understands .


You don’t miss her

                                    but she always does

you don’t kiss her

                   still she cares

you can fool everyone

              but never her

your secret confessions

                 she never shares.


You don’t love her

                      she knows that

but you value her high

                   she is aware

she may not be the queen

                        you are looking for

but in her own way

                            she is very rare .


You curse your heart

                                     Why couldn’t you  love her

You curse your heart

                            When she goes away

You will never love her

                           you know that part

The silence kills

                                                   when you have so much to say


She knows the words

                         you try to hide

she smiles as the cupid

                                 misses the arrow .

she is sad you’re stupid

                      she is happy you’re honest

her soul is lighter than the sparrow .


          She is the morning moon

                                      who waited all night

I , the early sun

                          who wants to rise high

love didn’t happen , sadly true

but for a brief time

                                 we did share the sky .


                                                           Arijit Roy

                                                             (Poem and photograph)

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Light the fire


IMG_20170719_225311550 (4).jpg

I carry the pain at heart

like a smoker carries his cigarettes

for when the night falls &  my feet are tired

I rest my back against an old tree

and think , of all the good times

that seem to have flown by .

I fix my eyes at some far point in the sky

like a smoker stares somewhere in the horizon

and I cry , a tear or two

he smokes , a puff or two

both soothe the nerves .

Once the heart is light , I wipe my tears

like he crushes the cigarette beneath his feet

a moment of sudden peace arrives

as the mind stands still

until we both look away & decide

it is best to move on .


A little chunk of our heart decides to stay

as if , it was its destiny

the tear-drop which  moisted the soil  soon dries

and the wind spreads the cigarette ash .

                                                                   Arijit Roy

                                                                 (Poem and Photograph)


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Dip In !



Love is like that biscuit

dipped in a hot cup of tea ,

take too much time to open your heart

& oops  !   the biscuit melts down   , sorry

but , if you take too little a time

haste haste and all goes waste

as the biscuit and your love

both remain bland

for they never really got the time

to absorb all those tender aromas and flavours

of the tea and of the heart .

& so I say my friends

love is indeed magical

for just like magic  , everything here

is about timing.

                                                                                  Arijit Roy (Poem)

                                                                          Shahshwat Tyagi (Photograph)

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Once the fear is confronted

how simple it all appears ,

as if , it were all lilies

swaying their head to a rich gush of wind .


No more are the feet lost

no more do the roads seem a stranger .

The timid heart , which used to peep

through the closet

and collect the crumbled auburn autumn leaves

now beats to the rhythm of all seasons .


And the little boy who was afraid of ghosts

now sleeps with faith at heart

for he knows

that a night without the moon

does not mean a sky without stars.

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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Today I swallowed a seed unmindfully .

I remember ,

how once as a kid , I had done the same

and how afraid I was , lest the seed

should grow into a tree in my belly .


Huh ! Those days are now long gone behind

those fears and those joys

that came from nothing but became our everything .


For who would know ,

that it would be the seed of life

which would grow into a tree ,

rich with experiences inside us

and there’s one more special thing in this tree

no matter which season

it is always laden with  fruits

fruits of good memories that nurse the tender heart .

also  to remind you ,

no fruit here is forbidden .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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Nothing to say

Charul Maim 20140812_203834

There are silences between our breaths

silences so long and deep

that even the soul if it so wished

could easily drown in them .

How were they made and why are they there

I know yet I know not

but know , that they strangle the heart

which yearns to be heard .


It was not the same before

earlier it was the sea

now it is a desert , a dried depth

stretching till the end of time .

Fortunately there also exist a few oasis

those little moments of sheer life and hope

that remind us that not all is gone

for just when it seems that nothing remains

there is this something that always lives up

as our hearts start talking to each other

they talk as if they breathe , easy , in and out peacefully

they talk as if nothing was ever gone

they talk as if tomorrow and yesterday were mere words

far too little to be given so much power .


It is then that I realise

that even the desert -vastest of all

somewhere has to , has to end .

For sand even if it is much

will soon ,  surely slip by

and give way to a new time

which brings with it a new sky .

                                                                                                      Arijit Roy (Poem)

                                                                                                            Photograph taken from net .

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And I have been a fool


And I have been a fool

for I never felt the fire

that gave warmth to the heart

with many a mellow desire .


The wind tried to teach me

but I refused to hear his call

to open myself like the leaves

that kiss the soil at fall


If you were there , you would have laughed  at me

or cried  softly  and held  my head

for  time that goes by  never does return

just like the wise man had once said .


So if you meet my heart , down some dusty road

be sure to convey my regards

and tell him that the fool has learnt

to live  life like a game of cards .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)


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I will try to resist

to the best as long as I can .

I will push myself

give in everything I have , lest  I fall asleep .


Oh sweet sleep , be not angry with me my lady

but yes , what they say is true

I cannot deny , even though I try

that I have found someone

whose voice is sweeter than your blessing

and thoughts deeper than your dreams .


It is this dream now , her dream

which I live every minute with open eyes

not tonight sleep , not tonight

for a lover laughs and a lover cries .


Cast not your spell oh sleep

let me live this dream , let me stay awake

Cast not your spell oh sleep

If you ever loved , then for your lover’s sake .


Your sleep is soothing , yes

but it is a rare peace which  I now feel

I will try , I will resist

lest anyone this moment should steal .


For tomorrow scares me a little

and I solemnly refuse to look behind

then if this dream is all that I have

let me live it  till the end of time .

Arijit Roy (Poem)

Photograph taken from Google Images


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To the light that shines in the night

and falls through my window

Oh ! blessed  blessed  light

Many a nights have I spent by your side

Many a nights have I written

my heart on a piece of paper

and set it to rhyme in your light .

Many a nights I have

laughed , wept , dreamt , loved

all in your light , tender tender light .

For whenever I felt lonely in the arms of the night

you reminded always

that I , have a friend

Oh blessed be the night

when I saw you for the first time

for I saw myself then in a new light .

Perhaps then for the first time

it felt like dawn at midnight .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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Tiny Truth


It is dusk .

I lie in the field , lost .

A group of ants walk past my feet

they tell me , I have stopped .

I see , they carry the wounded on their shoulders

not their pain .

They tell me  “Brother ! Drop the pain

carry yourself forward” .

I rise .

Arijit Roy

 (Poem and photograph)

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Deep Breaths

Breaths are closing down,  you say

is it death or  love , I wonder

which is better which is worse

to answer , I am torn asunder .

Both free you from life , yes

both come , at their own call

both may lift you to the greatest heights

both may ,  lead to your fall .

Whose day it is , I do not know

but some footsteps can be heard

for both of them scream in silence

and make no use of any word .


                                                                                                                                        Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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Aati – mango seed in Bangla


In days , which I now realise were free

but were then , as turbulent as today

I along with the old king , one summer

had planted a mango seed

in a specially ordered pot , just outside our home .

The old king , I remember would often tell

how he , when he was my age

had planted a similar (mango) seed

which now has grown into a seventy year old tree

rich with fruits , foliage and everything else .

The tree still , stands tall in our native village

but it’s father has gone home , a long time ago .

It was the same wind that spread his ashes

which now moves the leaves , one way to another .

The seed we planted here , did grow into a sapling

but the sapling now has dried away

not only the plant , but also the human sapling

whom he loved a bit too dearly .

A good soil , a little water and

a bit of sunlight might restore them both

for they have to , have to grow into a tree 

full of life  ,  rich with fruits , foliage

and everything else .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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Close your eyes


A  billet doux  (love letter)

or will a bullet do

both take away lives .

Not one

but many ,

many die as the trigger of the heart is pulled .

Boom ! the noise ,

all is silence

and all  ,  is silenced .

                                                                                         Arijit Roy

                                                                                      (Poem and photograph)

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Let me revel to the rhythms 

of the music inside

for the heart sings with boundless joy

as everything else fades away 

into a sweet coexistence with peace,

resolving all that is inconstant 

into one sublime melody . 


                                                Arijit Roy

                      ( Poem and photograph) 

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A firmament of stars 

rest above my head . 

I look at the sky, and wonder 

which one of them is you ? 

The head is held high

as I search for you father

but then I stop and smile, 

as I realize

that you, are not a star

you, are the entire sky ! 


                                                Arijit Roy (poem)

                  Photograph taken from internet. 

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Fall upon my heart O lord !

like sunlight on a broken column. 

Pierce fervently 

through all that is untrue me. 

Let your light 

melt the frozen rivers of love

let it meet yet not hurt the eye. 

The fearful child shivers with cold 

give him thy warmth O lord 

lighten him, enlighten him! 

                                             Arijit Roy

                           ( Poem and photograph)