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Why creative people are often misunderstood

It is oft argued that “the creative adult is the child that survived ” but when the very world of children itself  is criticized by adults , it would then be a wonder to see the world of “grown up children” not to being  disillusioned .  Creative people are thus often misunderstood by the society and denied acceptance .

                                                             Creative people as the dictionary would define are people bestowed with the ability to create , and with characteristics of imagination , productivity and spontaneity  but often their findings render people insecure . Their exploration of the human nature through a new angle lays bare the hard to bear  inherent prejudices and weaknesses within the societal structure and consequentially creative people play the Prometheus in social life .  Creative people have the courage to deviate from the normal , to travel the path less travelled ,  to walk the road not chosen  . They urge  the laeity  to look outside the cocoon of blind folded attitudes and embrace the world with all its possibilities and beginnings .

                                                                     It is often noticed that creativity outwits all and all are creative . the society too is creative , creative enough to build hurdles and boundaries to curb talents and deny the world any promise of fresh air but like the poetry of the earth is never dead similarly the creative adult too rises like a new bud from the torn twig and finds creativity in everything . They argue that the society by  creating of hurdles  ensures that only the best touch the zenith for as is said only the test of fire makes the finest steel .

                                                                        Ofcourse no generalization can ever be possible with regards to creativity , for their exist innumerable permutations and combinations of a creative personality in the bosom of the earth .  but often it is seen that the creative people live on the edge , they might tackle a situation of relative ease and comfort with sublime difficulty and a situation of difficulty with sublime ease and comfort . They are often hedonist , stoic , rational , emotional , angry and peaceful all at the same moment . While these rare qualities may give their craft a new dimension but it is no wonder they are easily misunderstood .

                                                       Creative people too have their problems , as they often require time to adjust and open up  , which makes it tough to deal with them they are often emotional and extra sensitive to issues and moody and eccentric personalities .  They thus are a misfit in the materialistic spirit that has engulfed the world . While creative individuals often need a muse or emotional and spiritual pain for the inspiration to surface , normal people lack both the time and patience to look beyond the rain and instead label the creative people . further solitude which gives  one the time to ponder on the abyss of one’s heart and rejuvenate creativity  is looked down by the “normal ” people . this in turn gives rise to a cycle of misinterpretations . Perhaps it is true , that “nothing succeeds like success” . It is only when a creative individual shines in his craft and is given acceptance and recognition that his cognitions , lifestyles and philosophies are considered as “awesome and cool” ahead of the previous “stupid” and “irritating talk ” .

                                                                 Creative people also possess an uncanny streak of individuality   which increases the resistance to confirmation to societal norms atleast internally if not totally socially . Also one can not rule away the fact that creative people are born with what i love to call “creative egos” . It is essential for them  to consider themselves good, to conquer self doubt and for the confidence to reflect in their art .  While this may go down well with their craft , but it makes their social life a comedy rather a “tragedy” of errors .  creative individuals are good at expressing their art , they seldom are good at expressing themselves . they don’t always say everything  clearly or explicitly on purpose , they want the people to do some exploration for themselves , and ofcourse they love the wordplay with chaos .

                                                               The trouble with creative people is that the society judges them on a screen of success . It takes a bit of time for them to reveal their wizardry but once they do you can not take your eyes off them . They know the bitter truth of life that the “normal people” appreciate and love only their talents and gifts , there are very few who would embrace their bare souls devoid of all the skills and abilities  . Thus the keep on moving ahead like a wheel  , for they know that it is only the wheel that can make a revolution .

Arijit Roy

 (Article  and photograph)



learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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