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The Fallen Star




You see the veins in your hands

you laugh to keep the pain at bay

I never saw the mirror scream

but it reflected all it had to say .

The shadows dance in your eyes

as you whisper your secrets into the air

and let them travel to a new land

away from  sins and all prayer .

Each day you live

each day you die

for you were born

in the hour of sky .

But you burned your wings

you broke the dome

and embraced a land

which was never your home .

Still  you will rise , 

still you will shine

the sky will see you fly again

for even the desert

after a thousand years

is blessed with 

the joy of rain 

                                                                                                 Arijit Roy

 (Poem and photograph)



learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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