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An open letter to Lio Messi

Dear Lio

Tears of joy and tears of sorrow both live together like the sun and the shadow . the first image is when we reached the world cup finals after eclipsing Netherlands in the shootout and the latter is of today’s shootout which brought a penalty for nowhere and a retirement out of nowhere .
before i address my feelings , i will address the questions of those who always doubted . for that gentleman who calls Messi a quitter , sir you need to understand that we did not lose but indeed reached three finals since messi was the playmaker
. In the initial days of my college i learned in Iliad the Greek classic text that even Achilles -the invincible lost the battle to time . yes Messi being the greatest player of this generation should have scored , but even messi is a human , a man of flesh and blood prone to error and misses .
for those football scholars who consider messi as a curse to argentina , i would make them remind how they cherished him against USA , and now take their words back . a hallmark of love is faith . i do not entertain those who change sides after a dismal show , i am here with those who still stand proudly admist the ruins and help rebuild it again brick by brick .
i am not a blind supporter , nor will ever try to hide the mistakes he and the Argentine squad made . yes you have every right to count and criticize the mistakes but before you do so please remember the assists , the milestones , the sweat and blood given by the man who refused to play for spain .for i am a true fan and three finals in three consecutive years is a feat in itself .
yes you might laugh upon this autumn , joke about him , troll him but please remember the greatest of this generation retired . and this is not how legends retire . a legend deserves celebration . celebrate the legend before it’s too late my friends
i am lucky to have seen him playing live at kolkata on sep 2 2011 in Argentina vs Venezuela . all thanks to my lovely parents . he is one of the most talented players i have ever seen . i can not tell you what he means to me i could try , but perhaps it’s better locked safely in the sea of my heart . i can try but i cannot explain you this wild passion . like John Donne “s valediction a forbidden mourning”” , my love is higher than the common football fans and it’s better felt than disturbed through words . he had given me a new identity , a new perspective , a new belief and a new me .every semester i stick a poster of argentina players in my classroom in college like a child . it’s hard to see your favourite player lose the final and decide to wear the shadows uncelebrated . alas there will be no shoulders that could lift this little genius in the best shirt -blue and white . Lionel Messi will always go down in Argentine football history as one of the finest they ever had . i want to celebrate his wizardry rather than ruin all pleasure by letting the comparisions with ronaldo and maradona overwhelm me . this day indeed taught me that time is slipping folks . time changes even for the best . i wish i could keep a hand on his shoulder and thank him for everything he pulled out in the blue and white shirts .
a tearful debut and tearful end for the best .
i don’t know if this is the end or not . but yes i loved you with a pure heart . i stood with you always , at all times . thank you senor .! for every time i scored a goal , i wanted to celebrate like you ! i am happy to have been able to see the this golden generation of Argentina ! i am happy to have been able to dream this dream ! i
i am happy to have seen you play for Argentina . oh i could go on and on or if i were to keep this short i would not find words .
” i am happy to have seen you playing from the beginning in the argentina shirt in 2006 til the end if this is at all the end ”
For Lionel Messi will be remembered as one of the best argentine players if not the best . but yes certainly in the same league of the great .
” and i am happy to have seen it all”
“Ole Ole Messi”. those shouts at kolkata

Arijit Roy

your true fan



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