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Red Heart


                                                I feel the problem is ,  that I feel

                                                I feel for you

                                                     I feel for me

                                                I feel for everyone around

                                             and I  also feel for everyone not around .

                                                 Yes , I do feel

                                            I feel for the sky

                                               for it’s blue colour

                                          I feel for the rainbows

                                           which I cannot see.

                                            I feel for the dust upon the books

                                             which if disturbed

                                            disperses in the air

                                                so quickly meeting infinity .

                                          I feel about not feeling anything too

when we turn our faces aside

on getting a glimpse of the other world

the other that dares to peep

as we shut the windows quick.

I see , I do see

but they teach me to shut my eyes

I shut my eyes , but I can still feel . 

But soon , I am made to feel that I am wrong

I am hurt , I bleed

But I refuse to feel

truth flaps it’s wings , the chain rattles

the wind urges , the chain breaks

truth is set free , to fly wherever it wants

and I finally feel

it is time .

                                                                        Arijit Roy

                                                             (Poem and photograph)



learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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