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The mind is my sea

and I , an explorer.

An explorer who does not know,

how to swim .

The sand , it burns my feet

burns me ,

burns me despite all its safety .

But the waters , aah ! they pull my feet

pull me ,

pull me despite all their illusions .

I enter their realm

the water upto my knees.

It’s coolness brings new sensations .

I move on ,

land slips fast beneath my feet

but the water , it rises

rises upto my chest now

I stand still , hold my breath

as they come .

Thoughts , that are the waves .

 They come to toss me

toss me , whichever way they choose  

every way , a new world

a new world where I grapple for land

some land to stand on ,

some land to hold on to

but all I get is water

slipping right through my fingers.

My ears listen ,  to the

violent struggle of my feet

but the more they fight for land

the deeper I embrace water

drowning , every moment

drowning  in thought .

I see the yellow through the blue

it’s rays hurt no more

I cease all action

but I wonder

I do  wonder  , “Is it time ?”

a little voice inside me squeaks “No , not yet “

just then I am pulled out ,

pulled out from the waters

pulled out from the thoughts .

                                                                                  Arijit Roy 

                                                                                                            (poem and photograph)











learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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