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Forbidden Fruit


When the dust of my bones

will settle near the lake

where the unicorns come

to quench their thirst .

When the red of the revolution

will set with the red of the sun

into the empty souls of a million skies .

It will be then that this sadness

will retire to the memories

from whence it took birth .

It’s illusions will all evaporate

and mix with the footprints of time

to lie beside the yellow leaves

that are often trodden upon .

Death will then  , be inclined to make

a present of life

by taking away all , which was willing destroyed

in the wake of all  , that I was not .

The heart will remember how it used to beat once

though it never did forget , how to skip a beat

in case she suddenly came .

I will smile at all this and still wonder

what if ,  it was a “yes” .

                                                                                                                                    Arijit Roy

                                                                                                         (Poem and photograph)




learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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