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Put a new cell


Your love was like the bell clock

you gifted me on my birthday

for it gave me both a sense of time

and also a little time for sense .


Your proposal , like the clock’s alarm

that which I myself set

but was always afraid to hear

for it would  indeed wake me up ,

wake me up from my sleep

and wake me  up from my daydreams .


Oh yes , ofcourse , my mind

that which made me lose it all

for it would run  with its questions ,

just like the second’s hand of the clock

stopping at nothing

nothing  , to take you away from me.


But within those seconds ,

some time was  stopped,

and some stolen

as I kept your clock at my table

and your love ,  locked in my heart .


Many seasons have passed since

yellow leaves are green again

and the birds , I hear  are all coming back.

A thick coat of dust  ,

has gathered over the clock

which has stopped at a certain time .

I wipe the clock , put it back to life

and wonder

“Has dust gathered on our love too ,

did it also stop at a certain time ? “

Arijit Roy

( poem and photograph )



learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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