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Sonnet in Mind

Ozymandias is a sonnet by P B Shelley , sonnet is a poem of 14 lines  . The poet meets a traveller who informs him of a devastated statue of King Ramses II near the desert , which draws the irony in Ramses’s claim to eternity , for nothing remains of the statue  but the beauty of the sculptor’s art.

The current sonnet is written after re reading the poem (Ozymandias) after 5 years  and the memories it evokes of the initial reading with grandfather (the other old king ) , which survive due to the art of poet .


A fond memory comes flying

as I again read those fourteen lines

of deep philosophy from Shelley’s pen

who knew , it would be such a precious memory back then

Five years ago when the old king remained

I read aloud Ozymandias  to him in all its name

I have forgotten most now , what the book and the teacher had said

but the old king’s words still do ring in my head

“What if I say the traveller is time ” he asked

and his words opened the poem to me at last .

But today like Ramses , time has taken much from me

and all that I have left of my grandfather , are his words and this memory

and so those words will always remain with me , whenever I will read these lines

for the truth is that art alone can survive the test of time .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph )



learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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