Aati – mango seed in Bangla


In days , which I now realise were free

but were then , as turbulent as today

I along with the old king , one summer

had planted a mango seed

in a specially ordered pot , just outside our home .

The old king , I remember would often tell

how he , when he was my age

had planted a similar (mango) seed

which now has grown into a seventy year old tree

rich with fruits , foliage and everything else .

The tree still , stands tall in our native village

but it’s father has gone home , a long time ago .

It was the same wind that spread his ashes

which now moves the leaves , one way to another .

The seed we planted here , did grow into a sapling

but the sapling now has dried away

not only the plant , but also the human sapling

whom he loved a bit too dearly .

A good soil , a little water and

a bit of sunlight might restore them both

for they have to , have to grow into a tree 

full of life  ,  rich with fruits , foliage

and everything else .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)



learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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