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I will try to resist

to the best as long as I can .

I will push myself

give in everything I have , lest  I fall asleep .


Oh sweet sleep , be not angry with me my lady

but yes , what they say is true

I cannot deny , even though I try

that I have found someone

whose voice is sweeter than your blessing

and thoughts deeper than your dreams .


It is this dream now , her dream

which I live every minute with open eyes

not tonight sleep , not tonight

for a lover laughs and a lover cries .


Cast not your spell oh sleep

let me live this dream , let me stay awake

Cast not your spell oh sleep

If you ever loved , then for your lover’s sake .


Your sleep is soothing , yes

but it is a rare peace which  I now feel

I will try , I will resist

lest anyone this moment should steal .


For tomorrow scares me a little

and I solemnly refuse to look behind

then if this dream is all that I have

let me live it  till the end of time .

Arijit Roy (Poem)

Photograph taken from Google Images




learning to fly like those angels did a long time ago ...

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