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Death be not proud

Inspired by John Donne’s Sonnet 10 “Death be not proud”


Death be not proud

for all men must die

making you not a solitary throne

but a common destination.

Unwelcome you are, in every house you visit

Death, have you no home?

friendless you always are,

sitting on the greatest curse.

Hearts brought together under the stars and moon

strengthened by the sun and earth

are separated only at your call

Have you no heart, mighty death?

Have you never lived and loved?

For those who do, live forever

and death then dies an utter death

at the hands of love and mercy.

Everyone goes through you, fearful king

Oh! Death be not proud

you are only a part of life .


Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)



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resplendent pic

Grant me thy light O lord!

Give me thy flame

Let not the wind blow away

this candle of thy name.

Bless me with thy fire

and the strength to overcome all strife

Greet me not in death O lord!

greet me in life.

Promise my heart faith O father!

may it forget about all fear

let the belief triumph in the end O lord!

that thou art always so near.

Thou singest with the birds

and movest with the tree

liveth thou in all

but blesseth only the free.

Make me strong like the first ray of the sun

for I am the boat challenging the sea

I seek thy courage, O father mine

I know thou art in me.


Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)



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Let me revel to the rhythms 

of the music inside

for the heart sings with boundless joy

as everything else fades away 

into a sweet coexistence with peace,

resolving all that is inconstant 

into one sublime melody . 


                                                Arijit Roy

                      ( Poem and photograph) 

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A firmament of stars 

rest above my head . 

I look at the sky, and wonder 

which one of them is you ? 

The head is held high

as I search for you father

but then I stop and smile, 

as I realize

that you, are not a star

you, are the entire sky ! 


                                                Arijit Roy (poem)

                  Photograph taken from internet. 

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Fall upon my heart O lord !

like sunlight on a broken column. 

Pierce fervently 

through all that is untrue me. 

Let your light 

melt the frozen rivers of love

let it meet yet not hurt the eye. 

The fearful child shivers with cold 

give him thy warmth O lord 

lighten him, enlighten him! 

                                             Arijit Roy

                           ( Poem and photograph) 

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Writer’s block 

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today 

It seems as if 

my words are all on a holiday

they have left me here and gone

somewhere far away.

 Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today

It seems as if 

my muse has nothing more to say

has abandoned me but surely will

return to me someday.  

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today 

It seems as if 

my inspiration has slowly turned grey 

and to find my rhymes back 

I will have to start to pray .

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today .



                                             Arijit Roy      

              ( Poem and photograph)