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A firmament of stars 

rest above my head . 

I look at the sky, and wonder 

which one of them is you ? 

The head is held high

as I search for you father

but then I stop and smile, 

as I realize

that you, are not a star

you, are the entire sky ! 


                                                Arijit Roy (poem)

                  Photograph taken from internet. 

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Dance of the wings


Above this giant lake

with its shimmering waves

you fly as if you have nothing to lose.


You fly fast, you turn swift

as if the sky is where you were born.

No more death for you, my friend

for somewhere near the shore

you have dropped your fear of falling

and now in every flap of your wing

you are born again,

infinite like your sky.


Oh! my little friend

how simply you fly

without a thought

without a cry

as if all this sky were your playground.

Be the wind gentle , be the wind harsh

you always make a brother of him

and fly

fly as if this were some deep meditation.

The spark in your flight

ignites the nomad in me

who is always on the look

for a journey without an end.


You fly, you turn, you twist, you swerve

Oh! You fly again

as if testing the very limits of your freedom.


I listen, as you say

that if anywhere peace resides

you have found it in your sky.

You soar, you rise

as if every step forward

is a revelation of a higher truth

as if there in the arms of the sky

you find yourself again

as if by being there, by only being there

you feel one with god.


Oh! my little friend

If I were just a little bit like you

how eternal I would be

If I had the courage

to throw myself to the sky

without a thought or cry

how eternal I would be

and if I had the strength

to let my heart fly

and realize itself at every end

like your twists and turns

how eternal I would be


But here, now

sitting in front of a beautiful view

watching you fly by

seeing the sunkissed waves

seeing the mountain capes

feeling the wind

and the soft murmur of leaves

I know that I am

and by being here by only being here

I too am a part of your flight.

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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It is always so hard to open up

it is always so hard to cry

yet the heart which is firm like a brick

melts like colours in a sunset sky.

The truth we see as a monster

the truth we curse and harp 

is small and beautiful like a butterfly

that, which eludes our grasp.

Somewhere from behind the clouds I know

you watch me and you smile

somewhere inside the heart I know

you are there all the while.

So I sing to your blue sky

and write about the love which always grew

for somewhere I also know 

that my words will reach you.


Arijit Roy

(Poems and photograph)