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“Go watch the moon” she says

“What’s special tonight” I ask

“It’s the lunar eclipse” she replies

“the moon hides behind a mask”.


I refuse to go, so she says to me

“It won’t happen again anytime soon”

How could I tell her

that for me,  she was the only moon.


Photograph-Indu Kriti

Poem –Arijit Roy


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woe pic.jpg

You cry, for love left you

I cry, for it never came

broken hearts are like seasons

different yet all the same.

Perhaps that is why

tears do not have any colour.


Arijit Roy

Poem and photograph

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Someone asked me 

why I never completed

the poem about her.

I smiled and said 

” I never ended that poem

for that was the greatest way

to complete it”. 

                                           Arijit Roy

                           ( Poem and photograph

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Love is the sun of my sky

but a cloud comes between us.

Oh ! Dear cloud

Float away, float along .

Come not between us

play with the wind, Go! Drift away

for I do not want your shade.

I want to feel the strong rays of love

even if, they burn my skin.

For I desire more heat, more love.
Arijit Roy

( Poem and photograph)

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Settle Softly

Like a butterfly, sitting slowly

carefully upon a green leaf

love came and sat

upon my tender heart. 

Bewildered with joy and amazement 

I jumped and sang to the clouds 

like a child unable to contain

the music within. 

Arijit Roy

( Poem and photograph)

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It is always so hard to open up

it is always so hard to cry

yet the heart which is firm like a brick

melts like colours in a sunset sky.

The truth we see as a monster

the truth we curse and harp 

is small and beautiful like a butterfly

that, which eludes our grasp.

Somewhere from behind the clouds I know

you watch me and you smile

somewhere inside the heart I know

you are there all the while.

So I sing to your blue sky

and write about the love which always grew

for somewhere I also know 

that my words will reach you.


Arijit Roy

(Poems and photograph)


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O love!  Thou wicked conjurer

thou hast trickest me again

thou has made my heart burn

by me very hands, in thy illusion.


O cursed be thy soul

for thou makest me revel in dreams , not my own

and makest me

flow like a leaf in the air , tossing me

whichever way thou chooses.


O love!  Thou art a villain.

Thou villainous dog

tell me , tell me honestly

Did I ever, ever foul thee?

Hoh! Henceforth I refuse to sing thy praises

and to let my soul dance

to the cadence of thy songs,

for thou art a thief,

thou hast robst me in daylight  O lord!

thou hast robst me of my joy

and left me alone in this barren land

sans water, hope , everything.


It is not grief that causeth the trouble

but it is the hope of thy arrival

for I wait and hope and hope and wait

but forget, that thou art treacherous.


Promise me O love!  Promise me thou cruel deity

that one day thou willst bless me

bless me with all the joy in my share

bless me by this earth, by this light

Oh! bless me for heaven’s sake


Why?  Why O love!

I came to thee with a golden heart

and thou spat on it, relentlessly.

Thou has come to those unworthy of thee

thou has blest those, unaware of thy shine

yet thou always refused to shake me hand

tell me O love!  Answer me!

Am I such a damned soul?


O love!  Thou art a pest

Thou has spread thy roots deep in my heart

and I know,  anon

I will again dance to thy tunes

and sing thy praises like a minstrel

for I am a man; limited

but thou art infinite.

O love!  Come!  Come!

set me free,  let me taste the stars

O love!  Teach me thy eternal poem

remind me that it is not betrayal or pain

or suffering or wounds that is thy call

these, the notions of the vain;  I care not for

for I know,  it is only thou

who gives the courage to fight all fear

and the strength to overcome all sadness.


Come then O love, sweet love

Come, Come in all thy form

O merciful!  I beg you

Come in all thy regal splendour

and show all,  thy true heart

else may there be a plague

on thy house .


Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)