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Writer’s block 

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today 

It seems as if 

my words are all on a holiday

they have left me here and gone

somewhere far away.

 Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today

It seems as if 

my muse has nothing more to say

has abandoned me but surely will

return to me someday.  

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today 

It seems as if 

my inspiration has slowly turned grey 

and to find my rhymes back 

I will have to start to pray .

Oh! What an anguish 

I am not able to write today .



                                             Arijit Roy      

              ( Poem and photograph) 

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Someone asked me 

why I never completed

the poem about her.

I smiled and said 

” I never ended that poem

for that was the greatest way

to complete it”. 

                                           Arijit Roy

                           ( Poem and photograph

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Love is the sun of my sky

but a cloud comes between us.

Oh ! Dear cloud

Float away, float along .

Come not between us

play with the wind, Go! Drift away

for I do not want your shade.

I want to feel the strong rays of love

even if, they burn my skin.

For I desire more heat, more love.
Arijit Roy

( Poem and photograph)

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On Nothing

To do nothing is a grave sin

to be nothing, a damnation.

Nothing has always been our punching bag

our very own black sheep.

But tell me, tell me honestly

can nothing ever be wounded?

can nothing ever be destroyed?

No! Nothing can hurt nothing

Why then all this hate, for nothing

We are nothing and we will go to nothing

Why then, loath to be nothing.

Nothing is everything

and everything is nothing.

Nothing is not the blank page

that stares at our face,

nothing is the inability to write

because there is too much to say.

Arijit Roy


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It is always so hard to open up

it is always so hard to cry

yet the heart which is firm like a brick

melts like colours in a sunset sky.

The truth we see as a monster

the truth we curse and harp 

is small and beautiful like a butterfly

that, which eludes our grasp.

Somewhere from behind the clouds I know

you watch me and you smile

somewhere inside the heart I know

you are there all the while.

So I sing to your blue sky

and write about the love which always grew

for somewhere I also know 

that my words will reach you.


Arijit Roy

(Poems and photograph)


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What fear it is, that strangles my heart 
and breathes into my soul
the rusted smell of despair. 
O thou master of skies 
touch me by thy immortal hand
and make my spirit fearless
fearless like a tree in storm 
unmoved; come ruin or rapture.
Bless me my eternal father 
for I do not wish to be akin
to the leaf which was torn asunder. 

                                                Arijit Roy 
                         (Poem and photograph)

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Keep Reading!!

keep writing pic.jpg

Your eyes are like a sonnet

they may shrink as you laugh

but their light it never dims .


Your nose, just like a novel

long indeed but interesting.


Your chin like a short story

a thousand  words, a thousand  praises

yet precise.


Your teeth, like free verse

irregular in metre

but powerful in shine .

And your lips, just like a play

like dialogues they stay together till the end

yet are never divided by any act.

Together, they help in writing

the finest literature in the world

your smile,

most fulfilling, most soulful.


Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)