Sonnet in Mind

Ozymandias is a sonnet by P B Shelley , sonnet is a poem of 14 lines  . The poet meets a traveller who informs him of a devastated statue of King Ramses II near the desert , which draws the irony in Ramses’s claim to eternity , for nothing remains of the statue  but the beauty of the sculptor’s art.

The current sonnet is written after re reading the poem (Ozymandias) after 5 years  and the memories it evokes of the initial reading with grandfather (the other old king ) , which survive due to the art of poet .


A fond memory comes flying

as I again read those fourteen lines

of deep philosophy from Shelley’s pen

who knew , it would be such a precious memory back then

Five years ago when the old king remained

I read aloud Ozymandias  to him in all its name

I have forgotten most now , what the book and the teacher had said

but the old king’s words still do ring in my head

“What if I say the traveller is time ” he asked

and his words opened the poem to me at last .

But today like Ramses , time has taken much from me

and all that I have left of my grandfather , are his words and this memory

and so those words will always remain with me , whenever I will read these lines

for the truth is that art alone can survive the test of time .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph )



Kuch dard hain  jo beh gaya

Kuch dard hain  jo reh gaya

Kuch dard , jo main yuun heen keh gaya

aur kuch dard , jo main yuun heen seh gaya .

Thoda dil hain jo jud gaya

thoda main huun jo phir mud gaya

thoda dil hain jo toot gaya

thoda main huun jo rooth gaya .

Thoda parda jo hatt gaya

thoda sach jo bat gaya

thoda ghum jo ghut gaya

thoda par jo kat gaya

Kuch raahat toh mili hogi dil ko

par aadat toh hain iski juth bolna

kisi bachhe ki tarah baar baar

isko bhi padhta hain tatolna.

Khaali sa lag raha hain ab ye dil

ab iss khaali jagah ko kisse bharuun

kalke darr ya ghusse se

ya aaj khud ko khud heen maaf karoon.

                                         Arijit Roy

                                              (Poem and photograph)

Ice – Pice


The moon hides in the clouds

like a lover hides from the world

in the arms of the beloved .

The moon takes it’s time

and slowly , very slowly

comes out again in the clear sky

but not with a clear heart .

I wonder ,  Is the moon in and out of love ?

Arijit Roy

( Poem and Photograph )



Best , is the illusion of your mind

and fear , the illusion of your heart .

For there will always be a little more to do

and always somewhere to start .

So , if you deny yourself

all the happiness in your share

all that you will be left with

is  anger  , grief and despair .

The ghosts haunted you , yes

for that is what they do

but if you hate and hide from love

you are only making them true .

You cry on seeing the clouds

but in the same sky shines the sun

Life is what you believe

for the truth is never one .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

In the corner in five ;)


Ever wondered , why are lovers

always seen around the corner

of some hall , garden or terrace .

It is so , because there is a lover

who hides in the corner of every heart

for s/he always knows

that in the corner there is no way to escape

but to turn around and face the world .

Arijit Roy

(poem and photograph )



There is enough fire in the sun

there is enough fire in the world

and a bit too much in thy heart

and a bit too much in thy world .

Open the door , my friend

Open the door to thy heart .

Look around thou , cherub

what a beautiful world

after many a suns and only clouds

today it finally rains .

Rains , not only outside

but I know , in thy heart too .

Open the door , my friend

Open the door to thy heart .

Let the wind sweep away

all the pieces of broken glass

which pierce daily the naked feet

of all thy dreams and desires

Open the door , my friend

Open the door to thy heart .

Let the rain fall upon thy dry soil

and fill thine being , with its sweet scent .

Let the rain put down all fire

which burns thou daily .

Open the door , my friend

Open the door to thy heart .

For thy heart is large as the sky

chain not the bird

that strives to fly ,

cut not her wings

for she sings ,

of a broken heart  which cannot cry .

Arijit Roy (Poem)

Photograph taken from Google images .

Let there be light


You are the morning to my life , love .

I open the windows of my heart

to let your light come

and signal the arrival of dawn

which if be gone

one misses a melodious hour

of birds , dew , breeze and calmness.

For you tame my wild heart , love

and usher the beginning of a new day .

You are the morning to my life , my love .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)