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Nothing to say

Charul Maim 20140812_203834

There are silences between our breaths

silences so long and deep

that even the soul if it so wished

could easily drown in them .

How were they made and why are they there

I know yet I know not

but know , that they strangle the heart

which yearns to be heard .


It was not the same before

earlier it was the sea

now it is a desert , a dried depth

stretching till the end of time .

Fortunately there also exist a few oasis

those little moments of sheer life and hope

that remind us that not all is gone

for just when it seems that nothing remains

there is this something that always lives up

as our hearts start talking to each other

they talk as if they breathe , easy , in and out peacefully

they talk as if nothing was ever gone

they talk as if tomorrow and yesterday were mere words

far too little to be given so much power .


It is then that I realise

that even the desert -vastest of all

somewhere has to , has to end .

For sand even if it is much

will soon ,  surely slip by

and give way to a new time

which brings with it a new sky .

                                                                                                      Arijit Roy (Poem)

                                                                                                            Photograph taken from net .

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And I have been a fool


And I have been a fool

for I never felt the fire

that gave warmth to the heart

with many a mellow desire .


The wind tried to teach me

but I refused to hear his call

to open myself like the leaves

that kiss the soil at fall


If you were there , you would have laughed  at me

or cried  softly  and held  my head

for  time that goes by  never does return

just like the wise man had once said .


So if you meet my heart , down some dusty road

be sure to convey my regards

and tell him that the fool has learnt

to live  life like a game of cards .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)


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I will try to resist

to the best as long as I can .

I will push myself

give in everything I have , lest  I fall asleep .


Oh sweet sleep , be not angry with me my lady

but yes , what they say is true

I cannot deny , even though I try

that I have found someone

whose voice is sweeter than your blessing

and thoughts deeper than your dreams .


It is this dream now , her dream

which I live every minute with open eyes

not tonight sleep , not tonight

for a lover laughs and a lover cries .


Cast not your spell oh sleep

let me live this dream , let me stay awake

Cast not your spell oh sleep

If you ever loved , then for your lover’s sake .


Your sleep is soothing , yes

but it is a rare peace which  I now feel

I will try , I will resist

lest anyone this moment should steal .


For tomorrow scares me a little

and I solemnly refuse to look behind

then if this dream is all that I have

let me live it  till the end of time .

Arijit Roy (Poem)

Photograph taken from Google Images


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To the light that shines in the night

and falls through my window

Oh ! blessed  blessed  light

Many a nights have I spent by your side

Many a nights have I written

my heart on a piece of paper

and set it to rhyme in your light .

Many a nights I have

laughed , wept , dreamt , loved

all in your light , tender tender light .

For whenever I felt lonely in the arms of the night

you reminded always

that I , have a friend

Oh blessed be the night

when I saw you for the first time

for I saw myself then in a new light .

Perhaps then for the first time

it felt like dawn at midnight .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and Photograph)

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Never mix your drinks



I want to scream aloud

and vomit my heart .


You know what happens

when you mix your drinks

you feel dizzy-choked-nausiatic-on the verge of death

all in the same moment .

I too feel something similar

for many emotions have mixed up in my heart .


So when you search for the restroom

to clear your belly

I search for a silent corner

to clear my heart

one good scream to flush it all ,  out .


Oh ! Don’t panic don’t panic my friend

Be rest assured ! You will find the restroom

for you have directions towards it

but the trouble is that I

I am still searching for my silent corner .

Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)

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Tiny Truth


It is dusk .

I lie in the field , lost .

A group of ants walk past my feet

they tell me , I have stopped .

I see , they carry the wounded on their shoulders

not their pain .

They tell me  “Brother ! Drop the pain

carry yourself forward” .

I rise .

Arijit Roy

 (Poem and photograph)

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Deep Breaths

Breaths are closing down,  you say

is it death or  love , I wonder

which is better which is worse

to answer , I am torn asunder .

Both free you from life , yes

both come , at their own call

both may lift you to the greatest heights

both may ,  lead to your fall .

Whose day it is , I do not know

but some footsteps can be heard

for both of them scream in silence

and make no use of any word .


                                                                                                                                        Arijit Roy

(Poem and photograph)